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By SouthFork
The last trip with my wife she outfished myself and Lando.

My wife is currently bugging the shit out of me to book another trip for Tigerfish on the Zambezi. She will fish all day for Tigers, she can double haul, toss big streamers to bows in AK, and can run a jetboat better than most people. That being said, we fish together probably 10 days a year MAYBE, as that is all she cares about fishing. She likes to go and spend time on the river and typically spends over 180 days on a river for research, but typically only fishes for 4 hours if we are on the South Fork of the Snake or the Hank or similar river. She likes to fish it but its not her passion by any means. Its fun to fish with her, but we don't make it a everyday thing.

She did drag my ass to Alaska for three years to live in a wall tent on a remote river in the middle of fing nowhere. We ALMOST went to Tierra Del Fuego for three years, before research changed. Ours is a bit of a different relationship than most people have.
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By SouthFork
Don't teach her how to fish. Teach her how to Row.
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By Bobwhite
Some varied and solid advice on this one.

Everyone is different, like VTNZ says, "No size fits all."

It works for me, however, and one might argue that it'd be a hell of a good test for taking the relationship any further. I mean if you can't fish together...
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By Aguirre
When Wendy and I were still dating she had fished before and loved camping. I taught her how to fly fish and she even learned to catch fish on dry flies. We got married and she suddenly went backwards. Now she fishes powerbait on a spin rod. But she still fishes and is always game for a weekend camping trip. Further, she always tends to the dogs while I fly fish upstream, so they don't spoil the water. She doesn't cast a fly rod rod but she keeps the dogs out of my runs, so fuckin win win as far as I'm concerned.
We fish every chance we get. Her with pink worms and me with flies. All is well.
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By jdub
My wife has no interest in crashing around rivers and streams hunting trout. She likes to fish out of the boat and she is getting damn good on the sticks which I think she likes as much as fishing. So if we intend to fish together, we plan accordingly.

On salt trips she either comes along in the boat and catches a bone fish or two, or she just watches me fish. But she loves to be in the boat, to watch the birds, and be in the mangroves. Because of that, we go together on trips that we ( ME! ) would not go on otherwise. I don't expect her to catch fish (nor does she) but she knows that she can't come along and watch her watch either. And other than nearly drowning in a wicked storm off the coast of southern Belzie in a panga, she has had a great time. But, for a week in Belize or otherwise, we will only get three or four days fishing. The rest of the time we do what she wants to do.......That is a trade of I can live with ( and have for many years).
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By Yard Sale
Does she look like this:
61935_1391035499413_1337898283_30976378_2008461_n.jpg (119.5 KiB) Viewed 568 times
If so I'll take her fishing for you.
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By kamikaze74
all i want to know is were do u guys find these girls? send the ones u dont want down this way, all of them around these parts like to shop all the time and talk on cell phone! :bomb
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By Spicytuna
Yard Sale wrote:Does she look like this:
If so I'll take her fishing for you.

Awwwwww Samantha Virk can't enough of seeing those if you track her down on myspace there are some decent hot tub photos.
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By Redchaser
LTD wrote: 1. Let someone else teach/coach her if possible.
2. If you start to argue while fishing, it's best to just STFU.
3. There's nothing better than watching your better half catch fish.
4. Do not let her get into or use your tying materials.
5 Give her her own fly boxes. Chicks dig their own box. (ha...)
6. Never complain about the cost of the rod she wants to put in her hand, you might lose yours.

The woman can fish though.........pretty damn good.
This exactly. Do not ever try to teach her to cast or fish yourself.
By f*carp
VTNZ wrote: "we'll do other stuff too".
^^ this and there will definitely be a time that youre looking to go out alone or with a good buddy for some quiet time on the river adn she gets pissed that she wasn't invited. Who'd-a-thunk she wanted to go out when the guides are frezzing up and the sun isnt planning on showing up either??

But, for the most part it's worth it - she at least has a better understanding of why you talk about,plan, prepare-for and go fishing. It's also the best company you can get on a float-camp trip.

Bonus points for the Blue Hole. :cool

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