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By Mangina
with all the great videos and posts of salt, I hate you!

You guys are sure blessed with some epic waters and fishes who swim in them. Then theres this....
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Buddy drives back from Pennsylvania. I get a text, "one or two?"

Really???? If my 2012 puzzling questions are this difficult, it'll be a great year!! Clearly one answer.

So lets see you got reds, bonefish, permit, snook, tarpon, misc others not discounting them, and damn Yuengling!!! A fine place to be for sure.

Keep the vids and posts coming. Makes winter tolerable!!! My two cases of holy water will help also.
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By The_Fuk

This is a repost, but in honor of your love of Pottsville finest. :cool


By thalweg
Here is a cuban mix from sandy's and a cold yuenger for you Mangina. :cool
fishing relates: Seems like the only days I can get out the wind has been screaming or there is a cold front bearing down.
I had to wear fucking pants yesterday...pants. Not bitching, just complaining.
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By fallen513
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By BearsFan
thalweg wrote:Here is a cuban mix from sandy's
Sofaking jealous.

Double yuengs and a second hand drakian shitty ass riptide being lined up...
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By Salmotrutta
Reef Runner wrote:
Mangina wrote:
Buddy drives back from Pennsylvania. I get a text, "one or two?"


You have a buddy?
One, maybe two?
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By southernstrain
I have no videos, no pictures and definitely no 'ling

...but as of today I am a florida resident

I'm still new here so bear with me

Until then
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By Woolybug25
They have Bell's Oberon too (in summer time, mind)... sons a bitches...
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By BearsFan
We actually have that shit year round...
:Roll Eyes
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By Woolybug25
I'm sorry I cursed you.. please send me some Oberon...
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