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By ncguy
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By BigCliff
Troutarama is pretty good, but Troutenanny fits the locale a bit better.
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By befuddled
Flumen Semper Liberi
By wvangler
As much as I appreciate the bigotry and integration of the ubiquitous uninformed stereotypes, the Troutarama (Troutorama?) does sound pretty intriguing. I like Salmonidazed & Confused too. I'll pitch the whole thread at my committee of three. See if anything sticks. Lots of curmudgeon fly fishers to please. If you win? Have to think on that one. I'm sure we can rig one of the raffles soviet style, but maybe need to be present to win.
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By Redchaser
"Blugrass and Brookies" or the "Bluegrass Brookie"
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By fallen513
Winner gets a fat bag of 'shrooms!
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By Fleet Daddy
Is WV where the 'hokie pokie' started?......Winners go to a strip club with $$$ bills........


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