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Whatever happened to this d-bag? I know that he got his tit in a wringer with his employer in regards to all the posting he was doing on the fishing boards and was off the internet for a while, but of course this loudmouth couldn't keep away...

I know he got married to the 2nd stupidest, douchiest flyfishing forum ditz, "Jazzmine" (2nd to only the absolute moronic idiot, Sara from FFM).

Where are ya, FishDoucheSlime???
SOBF wrote:
Last time I saw him he was up to his elbow in your wife.
Wasn't his wife.....was his mom

One in the same I thought, ya know incest and all that goes with it............

He's giving your mother a rectal exam...with his penis.
I love how people still get excited about something that happened 10 years ago on a now defunct website. And then they go to a different website that had nothing whatsoever to do with any of that and post it.

Time to go fishing maybe? Move out of mom's basement? Junk the blow up doll and porn stash and get an old lady?

Fuck man, this is horrible.
tailchaser wrote:what happened ten years ago?

no shit. I feel like thee trouthole just blew in for a driveby and the rest of us understood less of it than we understand 2fish.

wolf pussy again.
whatcha tying?

Mostly Kori spey fly

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