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Good to see you getting out. Trouts in Hotlanta, who'd a thunk it? Now you've had your fun get your ass back to the tying bench.
I think the largest trout ever in GA was caught in that river!
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shunned wrote:I chucked atlantic salmon flies at lake trout with londa.
it was nawesome. slss was there as well.
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Londa on the sticks, Mc2fish on the salmon fly
yea, didn't mean to leave my listerine bottle down there the other day, thats how I booze these days. been real solid blue dong olive hatches though lately...good stuff
That was awesome... made my night!

Thank you.
I should get you to drag my pop out with you next go round. HE never fishes in town, even though he has a condo in vinings, 2 minutes from the river.

I used to float from brandon hall or old riverside down to the lake at morgan falls, row across, rope the boat down the grass alongside the damn, and float out down to RIverbend Apts where I lived. WHich also happened to be the PREMIER party spot in/ around atl. I was in on the tail end of that though, after playboy quit rating it in the top 25 apts in the country. But the grapes lived there, as did a couple other local bands that were always playing at smiths old bar ETC, and the parties on the river, down at the volleyball court were epic.
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