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By Bobwhite
Every good thing comes to its end... and what seems like and endless week of fun eventually wound down to the final day. Two of my oldest and best friends were on the trip, and I orchestrated the week so we could spend our last day together on our favorite water. Kuppy, Bill, and I would fish the tail of the canyon, with our guide, Toto, on the last day.

The beginning of the end... of the canyon, and our final day.
End of the canyon
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Bill goes with Toto, and I take Kuppy upstream to, "The Wall". The wading is a cast-iron bitch, but it's such a pretty place.
Kuppy hits the wall
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This was my favorite stretch of the river when I guided at the lodge... but, as the season wore on, the fishing got tough. Then, one day I had a thought; the fish might have gotten used to seeing our flies at a certain time of day. Instead of fishing it, "top-to-bottom"... what would happen if we did it in reverse... from the bottom up?

We toasted them... like it was the first day of the season! That's how we rolled on our last day, and we scored!
And, scores a good fish
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It was such a nice fish, I decided it deserved a formal portrait.
Such a pretty fish, it deserved a portrait
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As we moved up, along the wall, things got tight...
Things get tight along the wall
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But we scored again...
But, Kuppy scores again!
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And, then... once more!
And, again!
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I decided to try the underwater thing... kind of fun.
Underwater portrait
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Mean while, my other buddy, Bill, was down stream. I thought it a good idea to go check in with him and Toto.
Mean while, my buddy, Bill, is down stream...
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They were in good water...
Good water... nice evening light.
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And, as I walk up, they connected with a great fish.
They connect with a good brown!
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It's time to call it a day... a week... and, another year on the Malleo. It's a nice walk back...
And, it's time to go back to the lodge...
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After a shower and a change of clothes, it's time to check in with Ronnie, our host, and have too much to drink! The day will be relived... and stories told.
Where Ronnie will mix drinks, and stories about triumphs and failures will be told.
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Soon the dinner bell rings and calls us all down, to the dining room, where a Paella is being served.
The dinner bell rings... and it's time to go down to the dining room for Paella.
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Dig in... it doesn't get any better!
Dinner is served...
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Afterward, there's time for another bourbon by the fire, and one last cigar. Damn... I love being here.
One last cigar, before the journey home...
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Thanks for coming along.
Me thinks next year you could save 10 grand and just go fishing with franzen...if'n you don't mind crashing at the rite-aid lot...
come the end of my trip with you lot I looked back upon all the things I had done in that month.
it was all fantastic... the highs and lows.

it took me 46hrs to get home and what got me through was what was waiting at the other end.
I suspect that's how you feel now.

cheers for another trip to argentina.

you're a lucky bastard, sir bob.
and one day we will meet and I shall thank you in person.

:cool :cool :cool
whatcha tying?


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