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By Transylwader
Damn, did Thom York write Lurgee? I guesssssso! I likes PUNK ROCK! And for the record, the Ramones are US Punk, not legit british footballish chavved up yobbo/scabbo shite. get your own perch...

On with the Limey shit storm...

Hengland Metal

Now for my Americanos, the very best of rock...

Cornell, an Ivey league univeristy? nah fuck that, Im talking Chris Cornell...

Jimmi Hendrix rocks solid, but you can't forget the father of US rock...

two parts of my work day I highly enjoy,

blasting the speakers to...

and fro :Roll Eyes

Rock is the shit :smile
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By Trucha Del Mar

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By Lurgee
Saw this guy in a small venue in Vegas 40 years after this recording was made. He was still a pimp and tossing roses to the ladies. Great performer.

This guy from 1995 - 1999 was a big favorite, his early live shows were mind blowing. First set was a regular new material set with full band, second set just him in a guitar singing his own stuff sometimes accompanied by a smaller version of his band. Last set was the cover set...Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stones, Zeppelin, Allmans etc.

I have never seen more sweat in my life...cept at Samba School in Rio de Janeiro.

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By BigCliff
[quote="Transylwader"]... you can't forget the father of US rock...


Close, but that's not the real father-

And a hell of an entertainer too-

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By D-nymph
So much to choose from, I picked a few favorite tunes from my favorite era.

Freakscene was/is a rock anthem.

The Wagon. I like rock tunes that go from a swinging melody to loud and back again.

Not many bands had the influence of the Pixies in the 80s.

Except for the Minutemen. RIP d.Boone

Even covering tunes from CCR

Or Blue Oyster Cult. No good minutemen footage of this song, but Mike Watt has carried the torch and still plays "The Red and The Black" nearly every show.

Some newer stuff.

Biram is a mad man. This is a partial video, partial live performance. But the song is about the car wreck that nearly killed him, and there is photographs of the accident scene in it.

Lucero needs mentioned too.

But the band that screamed rock star life, to me, was Urge Overkill. Not much good quality live stuff available on the web. The glitter guitars, hair, sunglasses, martinis, red velvet and fucking groupies on the bus, they lived it, and burned out.

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By Lurgee
Minutemen, Nice D. One of my first shows was these guys

opening for these guys in Washington DC

who became these guys

I miss songs that lasted one and a half minutes and you had to do everything in your 15 year old power to stay alive through.
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By D-nymph
Hell yea, I never saw 7 Seconds. They are still out there though, ha. :cool

Fugazi, Pittsburgh, 1991, I was 20, the show was sold out. I was in the back alley bummed out with Porno Mike and his brother. The back door to the club opens and out walks Ian MacKaye. He asked us if we had seen the drummer or something, he had gone to get pizza and not come back. We said no. He asked what we were doing back there. We said, show's sold out, we're hoping to get in. He told us to go in, down the hall, and turn left, and don't tell any one who let us in.

They killed it that night. Jawbreaker was the opening band.
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By Lurgee
Sold out and not a ticket priced higher than $5 either....ever.

I was a huge 7 Seconds fan, that first show I went to I was a sophmore or junior in high school and they were playing an all ages show at the 9:30 in DC. Only way I convinced my parents to letting me go was because the band that opened for 7 Seconds drummer was a friend of my older sisters, a neighbor and his mom was my english teacher. His band 'Scream' was pretty good too, he went on and had a mildly succesful career in the rock world since those may have heard of him...Dave Grohl? I got to see Nirvana before Nevermind blew up in a small club in Chapel Hill thanks to that.
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By Bruiser
Los Lobos: If you find a better band, bring me a bug and I'll eat it. Ever since "And A Time to Dance" in 1980 I have never gone too far away and always come back. My favorite New Years band of all time (never got to a NY GD show).

And Uncle Tupelo

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