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Awareness to Action...

Thanks for the help fellas!

I'm not a very political person. I have not owned a TV for years...never read newspapers and almost never listen to the I tend to rely on friends to keep me posted up on stuff of note.

A fellow musky fly fishing junkie from Wisco has been keeping me updated on some of the goings on in Wisconsin this session...and as I understand it there is a bill on the floor that if passed will take away the right to a public hearing process for mining permits...a big time shitty blow to Natural Resources and every creature who requires them.

I'll see if I can find out more. But what I can do for now is to continue to bump this type of thing to the top of the forums...

Friends, I have been blessed by waters and by fish. Musky have become central to my life in so many have the smallmouth bass, sturgeon, redhorse sucker, bald eagle, mink, river otter, kingfisher and so many other wild and natural critters that I consider my neighbors and friends. It's difficult for me to articulate how wonderful the natural state of Musky Country is and how disturbed I am by the thought of business interests and government fuck-ups threatening it's balance.

I'm not anti development or anti business...far from it...however I only see studied and sustainable development and business as options in regards to our Natural Resources and in and around our precious waterways. And I'll gladly give up my oars and rods and reels in order to ensure the continued balance.

My hope is that like minded souls - hopefully YOU...will join me. As others have done in different places and different situations...time and again.


Sorry for the ramble...but please hear me out friends.

I'm a simple river guide and honestly struggle to maintain all that I have to in order to keep my way of life afloat for myself and The Musky Tribe - N.emo put it pretty accurately in another thread recently that 'Bohen is the kind of guy you would want beside you in a barfight but he looks like someone who might ask you for a quarter...' or something to that effect :cheer

He's pretty much right...but I'm not a complete retread and I have cornered up with the warmwater critters in this barfight :smile

It'll take a lot more than my words and passion to finish this one Sportsfans. I'm call you to arms with me!

Some of us have been discussing forming an action group for some time...cold-water has TU and the like...there are groups like Smallmouth Alliance and Muskies Inc. already but those groups have other missions and interests...could and should be allies...correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that a coalition of warmwater river lovers focused on protecting and preserving the waterways and watersheds of our Musky Nation...not just Wisco...but everywhere the mighty esox masquinongy resides and thrives is in order.

By some of us...I'll say that in part this discussion has begun to sprout up as the reason for getting together for the 1st Annual World Musky Fly Fishing Championships...with the Championships being less of crowning a competitive 'champion' but in enabling all of us to be Champions of the cause to protect and preserve our valuable and at risk warm water resources.

Likely we will come away from the 1st event this March 24th with a charter to form a 503c type organization...handing over the event to the new group and having membership and direction for action in 2012 and beyond.

That is my hope.


I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your attention on this issue. Please pass the word throughout Musky Nation I toast each and every one of your efforts :bow

I'm 100% open to thoughts and comments on this matter.

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