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By brownsville
where have all the Aussies gone from the suk? the real ones, not the ten bob pom

bought a set of these after getting tired of using the old/mismatched selection kicking around the toolbox


not the best quality, but good enough for my standard wood-butchery [and a fisk on the box]

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brownsville wrote:
RFA wrote:
Stihl hat.jpg

mmm, pink or cerise?
blaze orange.....damn phone camera.

I wore it out of the store, and all these CO assholes thought I was supporting the fucking Broncos.

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By austrotard
bahco make wrenches and marples make chisels.

so there.

-mitch 'the tool man' mitch
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By Kfoxwyo
A couple of my favorites,

And yes the lead round in the second magazine is "backwards" intentionally for traditions sake.
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By MossyOak
Slick atwoods and nice HK, Love the backwards round ala HK catalog cover.
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So my new rifle is pushing a bubble out on the side of the brass casing, just above the rim. I intend on showing my 5 year old to shoot with this gun, so things like this are a giant red flag (even if I wasn't planning on having him shoot it). I filled out a Chiappa warranty return form, and got the call today:

Chiappa: "I read about the problem with your gun, are you using high velocity ammunition?"
Me: "I am using standard rounds of .22lr. What is the definition of high velocity?"
Chiappa: "Well, we recommend...(insert a bunch of brand name shit)"
Me: "I thought this rifle was .22lr, and the casings are showing stress on the side on the round"
Chiappa: "Check whether or not you are using high velocity rounds. We are in the process of moving our warehouse and factory, so it will probably be a few weeks until we can look at your gun anyway. If you are using high velocity rounds, resubmit your claim"

So.....they are willing to let a 5 year old potentially blow his hand or face up because they are moving? The gun doesn't work with SOME .22lr ammo? What the FUCK? It's a survival rifle......

Starving dude in the woods.....gasping..."Woops, I have subsonic rounds for my Little Badger....looks like I am going to either die of starvation or possibly have a round blow up in my face because it doesn't meet Chiappa's requirements for how many feet per second it should travel whilst exiting the barrel.

Fucking Italians.....and Americans.......FUCK.

Time to roll out the clout....."I am a moderator on a very well traveled website, and know Tom Bie as well as his sexual preference (beastiality). What can you do for me?"

Note: I checked the rounds I was using (2 different types) - both read 1285 FPS, well above(my web research) the threshold of what is considered high velocity.
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By NeedmoreDEET
Sorry to hear RFA. I'm breaking in the recent college grad with a few new builds - lol
IMG_5884-1w.jpg (185.85 KiB) Viewed 617 times
Any Venture Brothers fans?
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By pbrstreetgang
NeedmoreDEET wrote:Sorry to hear RFA. I'm breaking in the recent college grad with a few new builds - lol
Any Venture Brothers fans?
The Monarch!
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By Kfoxwyo
Every day knives, The only drawback of the ti knife is that it will easily scratch your truck door if you brush up against it..I just wish they were produced in the states even if they were more expensive. Mossy Oak, nice call on the HK photo shoot not many people know the genesis of of why. If you have any domestically knife producers that are stylistically like the CRKT I would love add to the collection. With thanks.

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#555074 are gaining respect in droves......the second coming of pbrstreetgang.

I got a Mora for my truck, stuck it in the visor. $12 knife.....if it didn't have the red paint on the handle, they could probably charge $75 for it......great knife for the price. Shit, would be a great deal if it was $30.

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