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By thalweg

Raise a glass boys, Dirty Sanchez, aka the Minor Threat, aka the Ghostface Killa, aka Stickeen has passed on. I wrapped him in the anarchist flag and laid him down with full honors somewhere in Florida Bay. He had a leash but I never really needed it, he was always right there. He was welcome at hardware stores and homecenters, skateparks and fly shops. He floated more miles and walked more trails from coast to coast than most of the people I know. He followed me down section IV of the chattooga more than once. He was a great boat dog and knew to always shake off before he got in. He was a great protector of our little unit and kicked the shit out of a black bear when it got too close to hotrod. If what they say is true and all I have to look forward to on the other side is the river of fire, I know he will be waiting at the put in.[/report]
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By BigTimber
sorry dude. sounds like he was an awesome dog. sip poured.
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By Spicytuna
Really sad to hear of your loss. Sounded like for the time you had with him, you had your hands on one helluva companion. Savor the good times.

sip poured
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By Woolybug25
Sanchez always seemed like one of the coolest fishing dogs out there. Sorry for your loss, man. I'm glad to that you are focusing on the great life he lived. All dogs go to heaven, my friend.

sip poured. :cool
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Sorry to hear the memories. Cherish a great dog!
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By CharlieJenkem
That sucks, dude-I'm sorry.
He was on the list of characters in this place I'd liked to have met some day.
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By woolly bugger
sorry man, that's tough to loose a good dog...
By JoshO
DS was one of the official Drake Canine members.

This is a sad day. Sip poured. Sorry Thal.
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By steelrain202
sucks sorry dude!
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