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By vaku
Aw Thal, that sucks. Sorry to hear about your loss. You certainly wrote well about him.

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Thanks the shits bud. Sorry to hear about the pup... But it sure sounded like a he did more in a month that most dogs do in a life time :cool
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By fatman
Words fail, so I'll just look to the sky and salute

dogspeed, Dirty Sanchez :cool
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By Kyner
Woolybug25 wrote: All dogs go to heaven, my friend.
I have no doubts about this one - what a great friend you had. They sure are awesome.
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Damn. Just home from the studio, I sit here with Finn and Uly to check in. We'll pour one now.

He'll be waiting when your time comes.
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By ScottP
Sorry for your loss; you were a lucky guy to have him pick you for an owner.
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dog bless the little dude :bow
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By cool manchu
Soory to hear about your friend. He had one helluve life! Sip poured my friend. :cool
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By West Chester
Sorry for the loss buddy... :cool
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By slavetotheflyrod
It looks like he lived a good and long life, and got to spend it with his best friend.

Nothing sad about that...

Adios Sanchez - I wish I coulda met ya.

I'm gonna go give the kill-dog a pat on the head and a cookie now.
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