Average Joe

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Pancho Rancho
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Re: Average Joe

Post by Pancho Rancho » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:26 pm

A man of few words. Well done.
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woolly bugger
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Re: Average Joe

Post by woolly bugger » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:52 pm

best boobs in an intro in quite a while, however, just for midstream, could you dig up a rear view shot of the red head, he, and myself to name a few would like to make sure that she has a happy butt!
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Re: Average Joe

Post by Lurgee » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:55 pm

Floogers, bassfish and a golden. Yep.
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Re: Average Joe

Post by Spicytuna » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:58 pm

Good stuff man that is way to come in and get it done others need to take notes

I believe I know a couple of those waterways :cool
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Re: Average Joe

Post by SouthFork » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:59 pm

That was easy.

That was one of the finest examples of spiritual guidance I've ever had the good fortune to witness.

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Re: Average Joe

Post by Bobwhite » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:00 pm

I sure like it when it's done right... nice job!

I'm just glad I'm not a moderator... it'd hurt to take that ginger down... not to mention the mermaid.

You related to Regular Guy?
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Re: Average Joe

Post by vaku » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:16 pm

Well timed, come in after the idiots. Kick a few of them out and stick around.

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Re: Average Joe

Post by JustTheTippet » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:24 pm

Medalist and South Bend with the "Comficient Grip". Sweet. :cool

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Re: Average Joe

Post by SOBF » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:31 pm

That dint sukk

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Re: Average Joe

Post by Kyner » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:57 pm

That was good but I missed the chicks.
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blue ridge angler
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Re: Average Joe

Post by blue ridge angler » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:02 pm

The no words intro is a welcome change of pace..
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Re: Average Joe

Post by BaggerMcGuirk » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:14 pm

Kyner wrote:That was good but I missed the chicks.
WB25 has 'em
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