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By Bobwhite
Those are some great fish!

Thanks, Willi!
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By Ephemeral
Nice Willi,

How the hell do you not have any snow?

We are getting slammed down here.
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By _9er
very nice willi :cool
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By Red Humpy
Will, nice fish. Btw I bovids a pretty good sized loogie at 6th and Simms today. You can prolly get over there tomorrow and pull out a few 20" ers.

Just follow will and you will see the biggest fish in the river.
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By P-A
You suck Wili!!!! I hate all of you guys that can fish this early in the season!!
:gun :gun :cool :cool

Ps. I would love to have something like that closeby!!Ds
By Truchero
Home run, Willi. Top shelf shit. :cool :cool
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By Lurgee
Nice work....again.
By Willi
Pancho Rancho wrote:That yellowish hand looking thing sticking out from under the green blanket or whatever give me the Willies.

Looks like a good winter's day out. No wind?
When I first stumbled through the area I thought there was someone at the bottom of the heap. When he didn't stir, I thought maybe he's dead and bumped the pile with my toe. Gave me the Willi's - ha ha

Relatively calm day. The wind has been horrendous lately.

By Willi
SOBF wrote:
A couple pix with my Optio's shitty zoom
Sounds like you need some lessons.

Not that I couldn't benefit from some lessons, but a 5X optical zoom is a 5X optical zoom no matter what you do. IMHO, it's really lacking when you try and photograph wildlife. Hard to get that close.

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