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By SA Guy

Some things are just tough, and this Gorge is one of the toughest I can think of. Here's how it went down:

We got there each with a pack and a #3 rod. Packed as light as possible for the time we were going to be down there.


There are a lot of Vultures in this place.


It's hard to describe this place, vultures up above, swallows down bellow, the best way would be a scene that fits in a Jurassic Park movie, although this somehow felt a little wilder, with better 3D.


Well it was 3 years since anyone went down there, now to find a way down?


This would do?


The going was tough, real tough.



We crossed paths with hundreds of these guys.


The bones and DSFK on the ground reminded us of the Vulture colony up above our heads.


We made it to the bottom after a couple of hours. This was our route down. As I looked up to where we came from it hit me that there were no turning back now, this was the only entrance and the nearest exit point was 2 though days of hiking later.


Luckily the fishing was pretty spectacular and every where you dropped your fly there were trout and yellows (even with the slightly discoloured water due to a bit of rain two days earlier).


This happened quite often.



We found a place to sleep for the night.


We had to get some protein in the system.


The night was pretty cold... a bit of whisky helped. :cool[/report]
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By SA Guy
[report]Morning broke and anyone who have played Rugby would have some sort of Idea how our bodies felt. We had no idea if we were even close to halfway to the exit point and the day wasn't filled up with the normal excitement of a great fishing day.
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After a couple of energy bars we were onto some fish and the soreness were moved to the back of our minds and the day started to look much better.
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The water cleared up a bit and the scenery was pretty spectacular, still lots of snakes and spiders though.
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The going was tough, but the beauty of the surrounds somehow made it feel easier to get by.
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We were getting worried as light was fading fast and we weren't out yet, then we saw a little peak, that looked familiar.
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As we made it to the truck words like awesome, hard core, inhospitable place, desolate and unbelievable was used.

This morning my body feels a little like this DSFK we passed, but somehow my soul is rejuvenated.
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By Kyner
Yeah that was f'n awesome!!

I know very well the feeling of getting up that next morning, haha, that is good.
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By woolly bugger
I was going to post something about the awesome trip but forgot what I was going to say after staring at the bouncing boobies...
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By ncguy
suddenly I feel older and flabbier than usual on Monday morning.
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By fatman
very nicely done :cool
By Wholetmygoatsout
Damn I ache just looking at the pics of that hike in, great stuff. :cool
By get er done
damn purdy country you got there................
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