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By locogringo

Today is my 50th birthday. My wife asked me what I wanted. What did she think I would ask for? A watch?
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By Yard Sale
Killer! Looks like you timed it just right. Should be up Thursday or so...
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By SouthFork
Nice, Did the Chrome treat you good?
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By The_Fuk
50 eh, welcome to that transition decade where you think you can, you want to and need to and yet as the decade wanes you find yourself wishing you still could like in your younger years. Happy Birthday. :cool

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By augustwest
Happy birthday, I'll hoist one in your general direction tonight. Good luck up there.
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By WanderingBlues
Happy 50th and way to make it worthy.
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By foureyedgeek
Happy Birthday! Does RR come in pounders or is that the fisheye effect?
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Awesomeness :cool Happy birthday, Loco. Tip one for you now.

I was on the D for my 51st. Only one fish for a week, 3 in the afternoon, full sun, on the day.
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By Pancho Rancho
Quality camera work Loco. You are doing the five o right. Do not abuse any camp stoves tonight.
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