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By K_P
Sadly, I must tell you that Sig went to wherever good dogs go this morning. He was unable to walk on the laminate flooring when I awoke, as he lacked the strength to keep his feet underneath him on the slick surface.

I carried him outside so he could attend to his business, and called Dr. Griffith's office. Graciously, he was able to squeeze us in at 8:45. He quickly examined him, and then told me what I already knew and feared. Sig had lost nearly 15 percent of his body weight over the last 18 months, and the mass in his belly had grown much larger. His gums were colorless, suggesting that the mass had ruptured and he was bleeding internally. Dr. Griffith told me gently, "He will die, and it will be soon." I knew then what it was that needed to be done.

Mercifully, Dr. Griffith administered the sedative and Sig passed instantly. I held him so he wouldn't fall when the drug took effect, and I could feel his heart beating beneath my right hand, and then, it stopped. Sig never whimpered or flinched, he simply slumped in my arms.

May we all exit the planet as mercifully when it's our time to go.

Jeanie and I are off to Olympia, WA as soon as I can finish packing. It's not how we intended to start our day, but then again, that's just the way things go sometimes. I think the photo might be a bit blurry, but then again, so is everything else right now.

Goodbye Sig. Good boy.

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By foureyedgeek
Damn, you dread it every time and it never gets easier. Here's to Sig, remember all the good times.
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By Gremlin
sorry to hear KP, yes here's to Sig :cool
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By cantfishforshit
Damn...sorry man.
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By Redchaser
Aww hell Kelly, sorry to hear it. SIp poured for sig.
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By jerms
Very sorry to hear.

Going to give the brown dog some extra attention when I get home.
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By tb3.
Shame to hear about the dog- it's always tough saying goodbye, but in the end you did what was right.

Take care :cool
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By root wad
My thoughts are truly with you. I have seen that day and absolutely dread its reoccurrence. Someone once said "if dogs don't go to heaven I want to go where they go."
By Kylemc
Sorry to hear man.
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By vaku
That sucks KP. I am really sorry to hear that.


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