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Damn P-A, incredible shots. :cool
Glad you guys liked the images and the story, it was one of those weeks
were all can happen. The last days will come in a day or so, i am dead busy
at work and setting together a tripp to New Foundland for me and the boys.
Thanks man, its easy to shot pictures in those soroundings. Laponia is the best place
of all places i have fished, even better than NZ.
:cool :cool
tb3. wrote:P-A: You make getting drunk and catching fish look like art.

That's a compliment.

It sure is man... ..Thanks haha
:cool :cool
Last day at the green.

We were a bit on the hung over side that last day
and we were totally out of stock so a tripp down
to Arjeplog city to by some beer, malt and some
raindeer meat. Andreas girlfriend was going with
us out to the cabin for the first time also so we a
excited about that to, always keen to bring a new
person into our sport.

The day was a true blue topper and the temp was
over 20 C and that is very uncommon in Laponia
in August. The tripp was made during the afternoon
and when driving back to the dock the sky started
to look a bit more greyish and loads of clouds rolled
in but the temp didnt go down.

All around on the
lake the fish started rising and it was loads of diffrent
caddis and mayfly species hatching all over the place.
We counted 17 diffrent insects all commin of like it
was no tomorrow!!! All i could think about was that big
grayling that had showed it self the day before up on the inlet.
The one of my dreams around that 70cm mark ( 27inch or so Seppo style).

The other wanted to eat first..................
I just wanted to fish but up there we do it in style, so food first, the drink, sauna, then fish.........

Around 21:30 all the above was taken care of and me and Åsa went down to
river for that last night. The hatch was almost insane!! We had free rising fish
all over and i got Åsa into 3 fish over 22 inches in less than 1 hours. After that i started
fishing myself and she went up to cabbin happy as a bird in spring.

Going up the magic inlet i tripped on a stone and landed on sharp edged rock
that ripped true the old trusty G4 pro wader like they were made out of thin cotton fabric.
It feelt like in the military when i high on morphine protected our kings castle
and during a sprint after a burgler slipped on the ice and put the bayonette in the buttok....
Pro fishermen hell no, just a fuckin puts!!!!!

But i sat my hurt ass down on a rock and waited and waited waited.......
After 2 hours or so 3 big fish started rising but as usual very far out on
the inlet, but they seem to move further in with every new rise.
I hadnt cast on cast all day but when i did it was the cast of the lifetime
a whole SA ED line and some backing went out and that big ole fish
just at that big Elk hair caddis... The first run almost emptied the spool
and it turned only when i had about 5 laps on the reel.
After that i came in like a dog on the leash, but 10 meters out it started
dogging and it took me some 20 minute to get it in. Well on shore i taped
it to 29 inches of golden trout! Then i realized, i didnt have any fuckin camera!!!!!
So i started yelling like a mad man to the mates and wife, but the rapids
and the facts that they started the party made them deff....
A what the hell i have gotten big fish before so i just released it back in the green.

I feelt completly redeemed for all those failures on the green all these years, 2 nice ones in a year..
and i smoked a good cigar and took a wee dram. Then just in front of within
good casting i saw another fish rising..... Big backed, Big fin, Rediclous long head and tail rises....

I dry casted the same fly as the trout had taken earlier and on the 2 attemt i got i
right an made a strip and "slurp"...It was gone... Raised the rod and it just doubled
over, but no blistering run just heavy strong pull and massive head shakes.

This has to be the mother of all trout i thought, but after maybe 20 minutes of
thug war, it got out of the water and i saw that it was the grayling from yesterday...
My legs and arms started shaking like leaf.. This was the one i have searched for
more than 20 years up the mountains.

Then he just gave up and came to hand...
It was almost rediclously large, so i taped him and he was 69 cm and fat as a gallon bottle of coke..
Now come the trophy hunter in me into play so i took up a rock and was on the verge
of smaking it over the head.......Then the reason came back into the head, why in hell should i
kill a magnificent fish like that just to get my name in some stupid fuckin record book.

But its hard to not even get a single frame of a fish like that, but after some 10 minutes
of reviving down in the green he went..
Then i sat there feeling happy, sad, confused and delrious almost, it was to much feelings
and small tears started dripping down... What a puss one is but i couldnt help it...
The travells for the grayling trophy are over and i will never get a bigger one
that, then i have to get me a time machine....

I went up to the other wailing and talking like a madmen and after that nights partying
the day after was heavy than any hung over days ever. But we went home happy
and complete.

The End....
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Those may have been the best mayfly pics I have ever seen. :bow
fly-chucker wrote:hell yea :cheer

good on ya for not bonking her, fuck the record books :gun
I am certain also i did the right thing but it still stings that a guy
like me with 40000USD of camera gear didnt even have a fuckin
pocket camera with me!! But what the hell it was only like 5 front covers or so......... :bomb :bomb :bomb :bomb
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