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Redchaser wrote:
Woolybug25 wrote:
Redchaser wrote:Hey WB, how much do you spend on weed and booze in a year?

By the way, how the hell would you know what luxury is within the "scope of my income"?
Shit dude. I was speaking in generalities, not referring directly to your income. But I see I hit a nerve.

Take a chill pill.

Resorting to insulting me is unbecoming of you.

No nerve hit, that was actually a serious and sincere question (The Mani Stuff was me being a smartass, but I think you figured out).

But you are correct good sir, we should keep this in generalities so let's try this.

Say you have a "Friend" who likes to indulge in a little pot, and maybe a few beers, scotch etc..

1. Based on whatever personal observations you have, about how much would said "Friend" be spending per year on these indulgences? I truly have no idea because I gave up the drink and the herb a couple of decades ago.

2. Over time, how would that expenditure compare to the say $1,500 that I'll likely spend on a watch over the useful life of the watch. Seeing that a good watch will likely last me the remainder of my mortal time on this earth, we'll call it 30 years.

3. What rational would you use to defend this "Friends" expenditure on imbibing in light of your ardent disapproval of my desire to purchase a watch seeing as how all of his expenditure would be consumed and completely un-recoupable and as how a quality vintage watch that I purchase will likely, at a minimum, hold the value I paid for it (although again I'm not buying it as an investment and will likely never sell it).

4. After careful analysis of the above, please illustrate to me on what leg said friend would have left to stand on to argue someone's desire to spend a little cash on a watch.

Edit: I know that to make fair comparison's you do need a little data about current financials. I currently have ZERO debt, not a penny, and my regular contributions to my retirement fund and my kids 529 (which by the way Louisiana has an awesome matching funds program) will not be interrupted by any watch purchase.

Peace and love

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By The_Fuk
I had not worn a watch for ten years till I got this as a gift; seemed like a decent kettle until it went fishing with me a few times.




Oh well I guess I wasn't meant to wear one.

pffft... my mates get high and buy expensive watches all the time.
oh. wait.
no... that was me again.

buy something down the pawn shop or buy a piece of shit and take a holiday.

and don't forget... save $5 for me.
Woolybug25 wrote: As I mentioned in my first post, and horn reiderrated, the G-Shock is the best fishing watch out there, imo. It wont strike up conversations at dinner parties, but an AK guide would never have to worry about destroying it, setting the time on it or even changing the battery. Its a hell of a watch.

Carry on, high rollers. :cool
[report]...and that's why it's still getting the nod......





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By Redchaser
The_Fuk wrote:I had not worn a watch for ten years till I got this as a gift; seemed like a decent kettle until it went fishing with me a few times.




Oh well I guess I wasn't meant to wear one.


Hey if Field and Stream can have a watch why can't the Drake? Of course it would have to be a big loud ugly thing that doesn't keep time very well because it's always late.
finally got that '71 into the menders.

took this piece of shit treadley in as well.
pokemon go.jpg
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I wonder which will cost more.

disclaimer: still not gay.
Bought a new fishing kettle, a nice Arctos GPW NATO style watch. Titanium case, sapphire crystal, Japanese Miyota movement. Seriously good lume. 200M WR. It’s lost 1 minute in 3 weeks of wear thus far. I love automatic watches and this one is now my favorite for hitting the water.

And best of all, it didn’t break the bank at $300USD.

he put the roller on the machine that goes bing and found that it was losing 15sec a day.

I said I didn't give a toss as I had to wind the thing every fucking day anyway.
caused by minute dirt apparently.

no. the other minute, dumas.
west_jay wrote: Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:36 am Nice looking, yet the $17 per minute lost in year 1 (or some shit) seems extravagant.
Screw-down crown??

Screw down. And hackable for time reset. Best part is how light and comfortable it is on the wrist. It’s definitely on the utilitarian side, and I’m good with that. I wish it had Swiss ETA movement, but that would add a bunch on the price.

And not having the exact time is a luxury I’ve only found in retirement.
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The days are receding ....

Sorry for your loss, Fallen.

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