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By shunned
my choice as of late is talisker 18yr though now I find I'm stuck with distiller's edition '99 until I can find another 18.
if your vote is worth it's salt I shall promise you I will go and purchase a bottle and we shall discuss.

if you propose bushmills, jameson or any other paddy bollocks (limited, distiller's choice, 18-25yrs) you will be asked to leave this discussion.
along with anything blended.

I don't care.
you're talking peasant nonsense. I've no time for peasants.

or the welsh.

By Surly
I prefer a Speyside over the peatier Islay whiskies. The Balvenie DoubleWood (world's gayest sounding whisky) is always around the house.
I prefer the Islay stuff. I'm currently working on a bottle of Ardbeg 10 year. I think it's the palest whiskey I've ever seen. Anyone else ever try the Glenlivet Nadurra? Really different, in a good way. I want to try it again.
I like Speyburn...not considered high end but it's single malt and tastes good. No cigar thread?
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By root wad
They all are absolutely exquisite, 2Fish, when sipped out of a dented flask after releasing a high teens or better Kispiox buck. I do, however, admire your immediate attention to the somewhat significant provisioning details. I, for one, find it quite challenging to keep the Balvenie "always around the house."
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By Adams
I too am an Islay guy. Laphroaig is my favorite, and I actually prefer the 10 yr old to the 18. Caol Illa is damned good too.
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By Bobwhite
root wad wrote:I, for one, find it quite challenging to keep the Balvenie "always around the house."
Indeed... me too. Does this mean I have a problem?

The best I ever had, I'll probably never taste again. One of the members of a family on the Isle of Jura brought half a case of private stuff up to the lodge one summer. It was something else, and most definitely wasted on me.

I sort of like Macallen, and buy whatever "age" I can afford on that particular day.
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By G_Smolt
Islay for this kid.

Loves me some Talisker too, but at $64/hit (AK prices), I can get away with a bottle every month or two before the Wife gets suspicious.

Caol Ila is a damn good pour, as is Bowmore 12. Laphroig is a little on the oily side, but still pretty damn good.

For everyday sippin' I go with Bowmore Legend (10yr) and McClellands Islay (7yr, from the Bowmore distillery).
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By BearsFan
I like where you head is at.

Tried out a Glenmorangie 10yr this week and really did not like it. I did still managed to polish off the bottle though.

I am a speyside fan and tend to favor The Macallan. I do keep a bottle of $20 Lismore around at all times though, very good for the money.

Lately I have been trying to refine my taste in bourbon and that is where most of my hooch fund has been going. I am loving the Four Roses single barrel, good shit. Sorry to get off topic.

Feel free to drop this bottle in the post for me Uncle Mitch...
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