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ha ha... awesome.

do you know why they started chill filtering whisky/whiskey?

so you seppo bastards could put ice in it.
not to keep it cold but to water it down.

"oh my gawd, ethel... this summmbitch whisky done taste like dieselene. gimme some ice cubes dammit."

2min later...

"whatchoo put in them ice cubes, ethie? summmbitch done turn my scotch drinkin' whisky all cloudy-like.
summmbitch... I'ma gonna complain to them funny soundin' scotch bastids real quick."

I mastered the accent from kyle, hey.
I've had some practice and these are my findings these last few days:

the perfect hot toddy

1. grab a beer-stein
2. add boiling water to two 1/4" lemon slices
3. add half tbsp of natural honey
4. pinch of powdered ginger
5. let sit and then stir
6. then add a fuck ton of 'livet 12 (at least two proper drams)

feel free to add cloves if you're fucked in the head.
I was alone until I found solace in two 12yr olds (and rampant).
peebs is right.jpg
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peeb's tasted like sweeties and the bowmore tastes like lagavulin except with more dirt.
both spendy(ish).
both tasty in their own right.
both worlds apart in their taste.

it's funny (see: not funny) how a conversation in a whisky purveyors sounds the same, pretty much word for word, as a conversation in a thai brothel.

"let's just start off with a 12yr old."
'oooo... let's.'

and what...
do you think...
about thet.
in the early '80s I was treated to a brothel in Chiang Mai by my new-found Thai friends, the night before an illegal trek into Burma

fairly confident she wasn't 12,

in fact I'm almost sure, with one eye open, and after copious amounts of mekong 'whisky', she had no.31 on her badge

returning to CM a good while later, it was apparent that something was amiss downstairs

the local quack used a horse syringe to administer some anti-bios to my tender ass-cheek, whilst I bit the pillow

scroll on a year, was still visiting the clap-clinic in Whitechapel, every month, in order to rid the non-specific urethritis

never visited a knocking-shop before or since

the Mac12 is 30 squid at Morrisons , this weeks' buy
as much as it pains me to type this... peebers might just know his shit.
piss.jpg (105.79 KiB) Viewed 1077 times
like an angel pissing on me tongue... wowsers.
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