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Apparently I've been too long in the piss mines.

Time to shake of the hops-n-malt, and get back to the roots. I've only seen the Ruby, and not tried it. If Mitch likes the Amber, I'm sure I won't. I'm a snarky fuck, right?

I'll be on the looks for this as I've only a 12y expression standard. Looks like GlenFarclas will have to wait...
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By Spking
brownsville wrote:in the early '80s I was treated to a brothel in Chiang Mai by my new-found Thai friends, the night before an illegal trek into Burma

fairly confident she wasn't 12,

in fact I'm almost sure, with one eye open, and after copious amounts of mekong 'whisky', she had no.31 on her badge

returning to CM a good while later, it was apparent that something was amiss downstairs

the local quack used a horse syringe to administer some anti-bios to my tender ass-cheek, whilst I bit the pillow

scroll on a year, was still visiting the clap-clinic in Whitechapel, every month, in order to rid the non-specific urethritis

never visited a knocking-shop before or since

the Mac12 is 30 squid at Morrisons , this weeks' buy
Great story. About same time I was stationed in Okinawa. Made several trips to the Philippines, Korea, one trip to Thailand.
Manage to bang our way across the south Pacific. My one buddy doesn't indulge himself once in 6 months. Last week we were in Korea he hooks up with a US Army female. Never once I n 6 months does he mess around but this last night he partakes.
You know the end of the story. She had the clap. We still laugh about that one.
All those little LBFM's we banged and not one us get anything and he bangs an American nasty and get the clap.
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