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By shunned
mitch is to super monkey wonga as bwian is to jrunken blasphemy.
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Yeah.....agreed. I am making big (not super) money wonga, but it is wearing on me......and my Drake performance.....flacid, trying to jam it in without foreplay.....then getting mad when it gets even more limp, wondering why I drank so much before making a move.

What were we talking about?
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By tailingpermit
RFA wrote:What were we talking about?
That your wagon has lost all four wheels and is rolled
over in a ditch, pussy!
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By BigCliff
I'd agree with you,

but then we'd both be wrong.

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We had this friend, Colin, in late High School/Early College. He was really into rap, and used to speak in mumbles, mainly saying "huhuhuh, yeah Son"....everything went back to son."That's what I'm talking about, Son"...."That is the shit, Son"...."What's the plan, Son?", etc. A big dude, he wasn't slow or anything, just unique, and really into hip hop. We'd go to parties, and he'd sit alone, giggling with a 40, and mumble to himself "yeah son" when we were at the diner afterwards. Girls thought he was weird, and he never hooked up. I liked the guy, honestly. One night, after a party, the guy who drove the car there was too drunk to drive home, so we plopped him in the bitch seat in the front, passed out, another friend driving. Colin was in the passenger seat, me in the middle back, and one friend on either side, 3 deep in both rows. We were all drunk, and I said something, I can't remember what, and this dude turned around, mumbled something with "yeah Son" in it, and slapped me in the face. Fucking slapped the face. I reflexively punched him as hard as I could, right in the middle of his forehead. Knocked him back into the dash, and the two guys on either side of me sat up as I rebounded back, and hit him 3-4 times each, leaving him crumpled in the footwell. The original driver never woke up, still passed out in the middle, the reserve never even looked over, and we continued the ride in complete and total silence. No one even looked at each other for that ride home...and everyone went their separate ways as we were dropped off. No radio, no hooting and hollering, just 4 dudes sitting in a 1986 white Malibu looking straight ahead, one passed out in the middle, and one cowering in the footwell.

To think back on that now......I'm not sure if I feel good, bad, or indifferent. You know?
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By TX.
Well I know my G(something) pro fish catching guide boots suck ass...and they were made here, so I guess it's a crap shoot literally. Pay too much for shit made by stoners or pay too much for shit made by chineese, we're just lemons anyway.
If I fucked up any smelling it's cause I just got off the phone w/ Kylie and I tend to chain-drink when I talk to him.

So what's up w/ Simms, I didn't get the memo.
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By tailingpermit
TX. wrote:So what's up w/ Simms, I didn't get the memo.
They denied Bwian's pro-form request because he punched his wigger
friend in high school.

Yeah, son!
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By shunned
I wonder how many times I've typed 'mate', me ol' mucka.
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By shunned
I've made a major investment with imago.

and by major investment I mean I'm thinking about looking them up and seeing what they're all about.
perhaps later. I'm busy.
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By AftonAngler
I like soft rain on a tin roof and some Laphroaig 10 year old while I try to figure out the wonders of the Universe as put forth by you twats

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By cantfishforshit
Mitch sells chit when his wife is gone to make wonga, which I'm fairly certain he spends on one legged hookers and good scotch. I hear he even sold some Simms waders.
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