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West Virginia smiles

for how much longer I don’t know.

West Virginia smiles

while they’re raping her for coal.

West Virginia smiles

how can they be so bold?

‘Cause shaven hills and hollow fills must be troubling to her soul.

I rika dis a rot (Country Roads, Asian Remix)

So I recently discovered a hidden gem with a serious catch. As in, fine print that'll make you :bomb . Here is the legal version:

[size=50]Herein lies an impressive, no, astounding population of brown trout. Fish here in these waters may reach and exceed twenty three inches in length (verified). The girth would not suitable for measurement with a dirty thong from any participant duly recognized in the Drake Unlimited Thong Thread as said undergarment may be too small (contrived). It is reported by intelligence resources that even the locals do not yet know of this remarkable population of salmonids. So the catch here is if you hotspot this resource, even to your closest friends, and if the locals see you fishing, they may be apt to fish it themselves and these locals are well known for high redneck capacity and large iron skillets. Furthermore, these streams flow from some of the largest pending Mountaintop Removal Permits ever proposed on the planet of Earth. Should Trout Unlimited become involved, said streams may be advocated on behalf of - but history shows that coal trumps even the loudest public cry.



So WWJD? He'd fish it whilst he contemplated the decisions. In this case, J couldn't shake free so alas, it was a trip free from divine knowledge.

Seriously fouled myself on big fish opportunities. Seeing them take giant swings at your fly without realizing your articulated hook is actually wrapped round your leader is kind of like watching porn. So close, but so far away. However, some 16's were landed. I think I'm going to have to return to Location X and contemplate the scenarios some more.


The scenery sure sucks, but scenery is just icing on the cake with browns like that. I am gonna be in WV May 29 - June 1, wanna take me fishing?

Get it while the gett'ns good. If history is any indication your Location X is fukked.

On the bright side, it's nice to see you back. It’s been awhile.
Nice shots :cool
That place looks is always nice to find something like that.......kind of like the commandos in south fla bustin the peacocks in canals behind a target store. keep sending pics of those sweet browns.

well done, joe -- great work, thank you for taking[…]

It's Wednesday, you dolt.

Thumbing Through Some SBSs

Arancia Muddler[…]

I am thinking Fred A........... :coffee

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