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By K_P
I had a great pair of Maui Jims that I wore for ten or twelve years on the river. Excellent glass, with one shortfall: no magnifier for threading flies. That wasn't a problem at first, but it is now, thanks to the aging process.

Anybody have suggestions for excellent polarized fishing glasses that have the magnifier cheater lens? I'm all ears (or eyes,) whatever.

I have no idea. My eyes have gotten so bad that I can't read the label or see an ad to know which ones have those qualities. I'm suffering from an advanced case of Fecal Glaucoma...I can't see shit.
Excellent topic was wearing contacts
then last week peoples lives depended
on me being able to read small print.

Cannot wear contacts and read small print.
My Smith's with bifocal readers (to order) are awesome.

I highly recommend them.
Ono's has them.
Cmdr Taco wrote:They do work, or are you just looking for some new shades..... :cool
I lost the MJ's. SERIOUSLY bummed me out--best lenses I've ever owned. However, they were non-prescription, and I can't see the close-up stuff anymore with my contact lenses.
Finally....Maui Jim's get mentioned...

After trying out Smith, Costa, etc....I have to say, Maui Jims are leagues above the rest IMO. I spent a day bluewater fishing last Thanksgiving, and the Captain let me wear a pair of his MJ's all day (he was a rep)......I promptly bought a pair from him at the end of the day. Fuck......great glasses. I am smitten with mine.

They don't seem to be all that well known in the fishing community, maybe due to lack of advertising in the Suk/Field and Stream/Playgirl.

KP - they say that MJ's are RXable.....

Edit - I'm not an old fuck like the rest of you, so I'm not sure what goes well with Metamucil, Centrum Silver, and a cane, but this is just my opinion.

Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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