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By ironman

A window of opportunity presented itself. I jumped. First guy off this "floating Petri dish" - BigTimber (he was right on several accounts)


A sketchy 35 minute cab ride later, we pulled into the yacht club where I met my guide Felix.


I suspect a few of you would also like the name of his boat.


Off we go.


The first one didn't want his picture taken.


We celebrated a popped cherry anyway.


Before the trip, Felix asked if there was anything special I'd like to eat or drink. So I asked for something authentic the toursists wouldn't see. He brought Coquito, an island holiday drink with rum. It was terrific.



The second obliged the lens. Textbook, said Felix. I had a good coach - looking at you BigTimber.



A jumbo rolled on the fly near the end of our time. It never came tight. Felix asked if I would have been willing to miss the ship to land that fish, or cut the line? No brainer. In fact, if I missed the ship, I had 2 choices: fly to Haiti for $1k, or spend a couple more days with Felix before taking a direct flight back to Orlando on Sun.

We decided to bag it, and head in.


I was happy with my souvenir. Cheers, fukkos.

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By LA Fly Guy
That's a hell of a lot better than any one of the cruise ship's canned excursions. Great Job Ironman.
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By fatman
schweet. luv da baby poons. :smile
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By -G-
Boom! Babies look like so much fun. Awesome little TR.

Floating Petri dish... lol hopefully you guys arnt puking out your butts with norovirus right now.
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By ironman
-G- wrote: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:34 pmFloating Petri dish... lol hopefully you guys arnt puking out your butts with norovirus right now.
Add a wicked head and chest cold, and you've accurately described my week. Is this norovirus going to do its thing, or is this something to get a script for?

First and last cruise. What a shitshow. Pun intended.

One thing to add: We buzzed these channels, to get to the mangroves. There were bridges, and fisherman (bait and crabs) around most of them. Felix told me to duck down, then just as we were under, he'd hit the throttle through. Standing on the bow, I noticed the point was well sanded on the top side. Then it donned on me. To get the platform under the bridge, he had to power up to drive the stern down, and lower the platform to clear the bridges.
Admittedly, I didn't take any pictures of the characters on shore. One crabber hunting with a stick, told us to Fuk right off, in another worldly language, with only his eyes. Spooky as hell.
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By fly-chucker
That bridge looks very familiar. :cool
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By Billy Baroo
Truchero needed a reason to buy a new box of shells...
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By yard4sale
Heard it got cold down there. Judging by Jose’s getup it must have dropped into the mid 50s!

Best looking parking lot food I’ve seen since I went to a raiders game.

Well done gents.
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