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By fishskibum
it'd been gooder if the 4mile 4hour 4k vert granite stairmaster from hell ended with catching other than a buzz
or if i went 3 for 3 wedss instead of 1 for 3 and there wasnt 2 real large poopfish swimmin round with my flies in their mouths after takin me into the brush
or if i could just go to the doctor and score a pill that would erase a spring summer and fall of poor lifestyle habits and put me in shape for ski season
the god pics are from our annual strutt your mutt walk/fundraiser
the god don't walk real good these days but never likes to miss an op to sniff new butt
i forgot my favorite of a 17 yo lab guy whose mom wheeled him down in a wagon to participate
dog bless us lovable loser fans
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By fatman

had some bidness in the land of golf courses and Mickey

when we finished up, I rented a Hyundai and headed south by southeast

the Curse of Fatman was in full effect

previous week: bluebird, 80's, slick

fatman arrives: first cold front of the year, winds NW at 20

morning temp in the 50's.

Thalweg shows up wearing a sweatshirt and the Great White Hope has the heater going.

temporary boycott on Dion's. Thal thinks they'll get the kinks worked out but it's Trading Post for fried chicken.

The ride was sporty

Thalweg poled my ass around on the lee side.

I get to cast at numerous sharks.

Rob spots a bone booking across the flat at 60.

We found a small school of baby poons and played with them for a while.

some follows, two eats, fatman farms.

no more love.

the next day, the missus and I did some tourist stuff
Cuban Mix
saw a race
where giants trod
some wildlife
dinner with friends

next time, the fishings will be top priority

thanks to thalweg and HotRod

:smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile :smile[/report]
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By yard4sale
I'm calling bullshit on fatman. I created this thread as a safe place for those of us too lazy to build a true TR. You, sir, have violated that trust with a full on awesome TR.

Double negative points for posting sunny places the same day we set a record for 18 straight days with rain.

You have been warned to sleep with one eye open at the steel bake camp.
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By G_Smolt
[report]Gettin' Down with the Brown, FallFreakOut edition.

Because I'm too fucking lazy and apathetic to make a real TR.

I wrapped some new fancy feathers on some weird foreign-looking hooks, and tied up a few Goblins "just in case".

I assembled a fine squad of fish winches.

I packed up the fine Rubbermaid luggage and some other bag from the rubber pants fellas, and threw some SprayPoles in a a fancy SprayPoleHolder.

Then this happened.

And because of that, this happened.

The waitress at the diner though I hadn't seen enough brown water with poor visibility, so she gave me more.

5 days of driving on swamps looking for fishable water.

Luckily, there is a nice brown couple that make awesome food in one of the towns.

In keeping with a theme, more brown water.

Final score - 2 fifths, 2 30packs, 790 miles, 5 flooded rivers, several thousand more cfs than is really fun, and 4 for 6 on steelfaces in 7 days of slogging through the basin.

There's always next year...[/report]
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By fatman
that anchor rocks see what I did there :smile

fuck bananas
By Flyonlife
Gsmolt, I was out that way a few days before you with Darth Monkey. We feel your pain.
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By The Wandering Blues
[report]We picked up our new rig in Florida.

While heading back, got to chatting with a guy in the Cracker Barrel parking lot in Daphne, Alabama. Cool dude, looked vaguely familiar, chilling while the driver of his 45' Provost tour bus was sleeping. Invite him in. A couple of beers later with me and Mrs Blues (and my rusty police investigative skills) he comes clean he's Martin Chambers- the founder and still drumming for The Pretenders..

Headed north for a stop at my Uncle Hootie's (yeah, I'm from redneck stock) and to watch Bama survive LSU. My wife makes me watch with the dogs so I don't scream and carry on. Roll Tide.

Headed back to New Meh-hee-co in time for a nice sunset.

Suicide run north to the cool state with an invite to enjoy a stretch of private water that I could never afford.

Life don't suck at the moment.
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By FormerlyChaseChrome
Palometa wrote:[report]Got out on the local for the first time in while.[/report]
Lovely stuff that my friend…particularly because you know how to keep yellow fishes in the water…

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