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By fishskibum
I packed up my belonging's 34 years worth put them in a governed 28' rental truck with a chick id make my wife for the purpose of ski bummery and drove west to utardia
I had a fly rod and a basic knowledge of the cast
I had no idea that it would become a driving force in my life
things change
I doubt ill ever ski 100 days a season again
I work more in the winter than I do summers now
I think perhaps I was given this god to keep that passion burning
I wish I didn't have to tell of the passing of one of our tribe
but the sport takes place in mother natures domain and she can be a heartless bitch
my wifes bosses son passed away from a tree well narsid skiing accident, while on vacation with his family
37 years old with 3 kids
its not sposed to go down that way
blessed are those who spend their time doing things that benefit our tribe
lifes a short funny fickle thing

be it slide down snow covered slopes or make it to ak and toss a fly for sean
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By fatman
peace, brother
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By fly-chucker
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