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for the cameras....i was waiting for a ride up to the taco bell but that must have been edited out, the show is kind of funny though.............. :coffee
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By steelrain202
Ol eustace has 4 or 5 ppl that work for him at his hippie camp and he owns a few trucks. Everyone in town knows Eustace he is quite the character
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By cantfishforshit
Marty is the only one out of the three that's close to friggin' Jeremiah Johnson (sans fighting skills). Hell, I go further into the mountains than Eustice does when I fish the Smokies.
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By mrl0004
And somehow Marty hasn't been eaten by a bear or wolves yet... :coffee
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By ak_powder_monkey
cantfishforshit wrote:Well, he's pretty old and it was getting dark but you do have a good point. Now, the guy in Alaska has some stones! Flying that friggin small prop and living in that small cabin 200 miles from the nearest town...that's f'ing crazy. I think he's about the closest to the real thing that we have these days.
not crazy at all, just living the dream...
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By Bucket
I just got back from a few days in alder, montana. I guess the montana character lives nearby, just up the road from the Ruby reservoir. The guides all knew of him. He owns a storage facility in one of the nearby towns.
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By jerome
Anyone notice how old George of the Tetons was acting like he was starving to death on the South fork with a gas station 5 miles away. He is kind of a local joke. All the real mountain men here laugh at the kook. He's made some enemies and had some run ins with fish and game, also. He doesn't live in a teepee. He has a trailer and a big, bitchy, skanky old lady that works at the kwikie mart that supports him.
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By ak_powder_monkey
One of those shitty reality shows featured one of the wealthiest families in Homer that was "gonna starve to death in the winter" if they didn't drive 90 miles (past several grocery stores) to dipnet 25 salmon. Or they were gonna starve because they aren't catching halibut (using dolly varden for bait illegally btw). I stopped watching all reality shows (except top shot which is actually pretty good) that day.

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I have enough reality in my own life

It's Wednesday, you dolt.

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I am thinking Fred A........... :coffee

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