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By Pancho Rancho
stratabass wrote:Seeing snakes always seems to be a good omen for me, though I have no idea why. Nice stuff!

That's interesting. Tons of snakes in the high country this year. And dang good fishing. Plenty of bugs increase survival rates of snakes and make for good fishing, I guess.

Nice report but I am curious as to why all the trees are standing straight up and not bent over by 80 mph wind.
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By fatman
getting caught up after my own roadtrip; this one deserves a bump....

Fine stuff, Bama :smile
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By blumpkin
Sometimes I wake up with a spool of 4X neatly stowed in my rectum,
If only I had all of my tippet conveniently organized on my shirt.

Killer TR dude.
By Truchero
F.Babar wrote:Well played. :cool

Good shit all around. :cool :cool
By bcollins
If ya don't like that your breath stinks and ya don't love Jesus , awesome pictures man from someone who is not able this second to pull this off , thanks dood .......
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By jerome
Nice TR.

Im fond of that area and a few other streams up farther north that need to remain nameless, been a good summer on the small water.... :cool

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