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There was a better shot with nipple in that article. Just saying..
i eat biscuits and gravy most every morning maybe i should invite her over
A Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend in the eye with a knife after he refused to have sex with her and another woman she had brought home from a local club, authorities said. The late September incident occurred after La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28, came home from a spot called Shake Your Booty Club with another woman at about 4 a.m. The two women had sex, and then King-Woolfork asked her boyfriend to participate, according to an Indian River Sheriff's Office arrest report. ... 65371.html
Thief Drives Away With $18K Worth Of Beer

Authorities say someone stole a delivery van in Fayetteville with $18,000 worth of beer inside.

Read entire article at: ... yid=310901
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I can see some dude that looks like this giggling as he drew a big veiny penis on the back of one of his buddies' business cards, sliding it in the middle of the stack.

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Haha, how many Austrians do we know?

Naked Aussie freed from washer with olive oil - New York News ... pg1&whp=30
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By Pedorro
Cary wrote:
Teton Motors has asked a judge to rule that an ex-employee was fired for deliberately drawing a penis on his business card, disqualifying him for unemployment checks. ... l?mode=jqm
Maybe it was RAFFA's card.

Maybe he is illiterate and his name is Richard.
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