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future drakians?
Deputies told WJHG they came across the open house party after a number of complaints by neighbors.

More than 80 people were at the party, according to the report, and deputies arrested 32.

When asked if they thought it's funny to be arrested, "It's hilarious. Roll Tide," responded one spring breaker.

According to the report, the smell of alcohol, vomit, and urine was "almost overwhelming." ... Id=8601172

The description from the reporter sounds like the aftermath of a typical bake!

if that link doesn't work try this one.. ... pring.html
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By Bobwhite
One of those moment when you think out loud, "...where the hell did he go with his buddies for spring break?" Hoping the whole time not to see his face pop up on the screen.
A man who ran naked through a neighborhood in subzero temperatures Saturday apparently had been with a woman in a nearby home — when the duo was interrupted by the man of the house.

“He hastily retreated from the place without his clothes,” Sheriff Ed Lester said.

The nude dude knocked on the door of a nearby home on the 1700 block of Wall Street at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday. He told the homeowner, Nate Yakawich, he was being chased by a man with a gun. ... 963f4.html
woolly bugger wrote: ... Id=8601172
Thanks for that bugger the news is now revenge porn and I found something to keep me busy for a while

After further review I almost threw up in my mouth about 1% of them are hot the rest I wish I could unsee

carry on
Rif_Raft wrote: ... ml#xAIexIl
beautiful work. why we did not adopt the 338 for shooters, not the sprayers, I will never know.
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By Da Ax
There y'all go...New t-shirt...Drake as Shit...
Probably pissed off because he didn't get his swap flies back in the scheduled time frame. ... ?hpt=hp_t3
root wad wrote:Probably pissed off because he didn't get his swap flies back in the scheduled time frame. ... ?hpt=hp_t3
I saw this the other day. What a weird fucking story. Dude had to have been on some serious drugs to climb to the top of a building and cut his dick off. The jumping off the building is the only rational part of the story.

I know if my dick got cut off and I was on top of a building… I would jump too. ha
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