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All $$$ is in

going to the bank today

$$$ will be presented to the PHWFF guys on saturday

I donated a trip (2 night 1 day floating in Craig MT with Headhunters) to PHWFF... with the goal of it going to a local PA chapter
PHWFF is going to take care of travel ect. for 2 vets out to MT
BUT... they are a little hesitant to do such far travel for such a short trip

So i'm trying tofind a guide/outfitter/lodge that may be able to help out with a day or 2 looking to raise some $$ to extand the trip for these guys... (thanks to SOBF for the idea)

my goal was to get 2 deserving guys from this side of the country out to see/experience something that they might not be able to do on their own...
if i can't arrange the extra days... not a big deal, it will either go for a PHWFF chapter a little closer MT where a short trip is doable.

The dates have not been set, and this may push to 2013 since its already mid-aug

PM me if you are interested/ or have any ideas

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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franzen wrote:
SOBF wrote:50 Drakians pony up 20 bucks each ? That would buy two more days of guided fishing ?
I'm in for 20- 49 to go
Awesome idea!

48 to go

44....if the starvin' hippy guide can afford this I reckon anyone can.... :smile
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