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By Gremlin

heard there are a lot of fires up North now.

How is the visibility in areas of WY, MT, and ID? I was planning a trip to Glacier, and stopping by Yellowstone. I am concerned about the visibility. I went hiking nearby last week, and the haze was pretty bad. I heard it might have been from fires up North.

If you can be specific as to where you are talking about, that would be helpful.

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By ScottP
Looks like most of the fires up towards Glacier are in Bob Marshall/Scapegoat and down in the Bitterroot. If the wind's blowing from the south you'll have smoke, otherwise things shouldn't be too bad, at least as of today. Check Inciweb for the latest news. Yellowstone's another matter; getting a lot from all those fires in Idaho. Here's a shot from Mt. Washburn today:

By DanO
Spent the last 10 days in Jackson WY. Hazy most days looking at the Tetons depending on the winds. Today they were reallyLL obscured as close as from the airport here. Fishing has been outstanding!
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By jdub
Big fire on the Idaho/Oregon border filling southern ID and northern Ut and Wy with haze and smoke. We were sitting outside having a beer and getting ash falling out of the sky on us. No idea where that came from. The west is on fire right now....and this is a sad side of it.....woman firefighter died yesterday in Orofino when a tree fell on her. ... ross-west/
DanO wrote:Fisting has been outstanding!

oh yeah, fire report. not too bad around billings. my wife says she can smell the smoke sometimes. Can't see the beartooths or crazies like we usually can, so there is some smoke south and west of us. going to the park this weekend. will report back.
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By Gremlin
really curious about NW Montana, since Glacier was where I was planning on going. They said some haze today, but not terrible. Of course, I don't know what that exactly means. They did say the views were not crisp.

Very hazy here in the Fort right now.
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By Lando
I had a layer of ash on my truck after two hours of being outside. I can barely see the Beartooths which are a few miles away, and I think someone stole the Absorkas. It should make for a great sunset........if we could only see the sun.

Plan accordingly.
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