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By WanderingBlues
Hey Sasha, I'll bring the 37mm launcher and some pepper balls. I'm sure we could find an oriface to shoot one in.
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By fallen513
Winston, 35 lb. "miniature" pinscher.

I burn him with cigars when he misbehaves.

By steelhound
Brb. I love that last picture. :cool
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By cantfishforshit
LeeO wrote:We lost Cass last year. A hell of a grouse dog.

Mega lime this...perfect.
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Just a couple of quick pics of my favorite fishing buddy....
From warmwater...
To coldwater (very cold , 22 degrees F)...
My best trips are always the ones where he's at my side...
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By Lurgee

My buddy Roscoe. I've had a Brittany and Springers and made the jump to GR's with him. So glad I did, what a wonderful family member this guy is.[/report]
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