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By No Idea
13 years she rode the river, she stayed home the 14th year and was buried beside the river that following summer.
Number two is getting on in age, about time for a pup to start. Image
The youngest will be a mess when his browndog goes.
They've raised each other.

17 years of bay dogs but I'm thinking a pair of spaniels may be in the cards.
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By west_jay
Worst fishing partner ever.
Wearin' a bit of gray, but still shot out of a cannon.
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By CBanjo
Been lurking here for a while and work, low water and hot temps here at home have been playing havoc with me getting into anything actually worth posting. The Remembering a Great One thread absolutely killed me, so I thought I'd get my feet wet in this gentle.

Anyway, here is my 2 year 165 pound bear, Norm. He isn't much of a fishing buddy yet - as a Newfoundland he sees the water and any chance of a calm outing goes out the window. I'm working on getting him to be able to just mellow in the shallows to no avail. Hopefully he grows out of it with some age.



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By BaggerMcGuirk
If you have been lurking for a while,then why didn't you see and read this! ... =1&t=21108
You will not be treated gently.

by the way, nice pup.
By CBanjo
Yeah I read that and more importantly I've been reading the board. I know it will not be gentle. Just get on with it I guess.
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By woolly bugger
Scamp, Spot, and Sally![/report]
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By Fuzz

klondike, not much of a fishing dog, but a ton of fun to have around especially in the winter. (he hates summers)[/report]
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By woolly bugger
hey Fuzz, it that a Standard American Eski?? ours is a minature, and when he comes inside, he places his nuts in front of the AC vent.
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By Fuzz
its a samoyed (standard?) and he loves the airvent.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Blockhead bumped a few bunnies last season, but she was a pup and a blockheaded one at that. Thisll be her first real season, and squirrel opens in less than 2 weeks.

Here she is on some yard squirrels tonight:



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