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[report]The walk was steep and long, the fish were small, the wind blew and the rain fell, and I got cold and I slept next to 2 smelly men for 2 nights, but it was all worth it I suppose.

Could have used a copy of The Drake

Make the Allmans proud

Who needs Photoshop when the Rockies are available?




The sun set and the next day we went home

Then I saw Iron Maiden at the worst ampitheatre in the world (which is too bad, because we were 15 miles as the crow flies from the best one in the world) If I had Shunned's $ I would hire someone to burn the Comfort Dental Ampitheatre straight to the concrete and then we could go on with our lives. See you all in 6 months.
Good pics, Mark. Damn fine trip.

6 months? Did I miss something?
Truchero wrote: 6 months? Did I miss something?
No, I just haven't been on here in 6 months or so I guess (it seems), hopefully I can make a point of coming around a little more. The place looks tidy though, you guys are doing a good job. I need to check out all the good reports.
Man that is beautiful.
I wear trucker hats, but not for the style.It's the only type of baseball hat that fits my massive noggin....seriously. Before trucker hats made a comeback, I was constantly on the lookout for a hat big enough to fit my fucking 20 piece KFC buckethead. I bought a patagonia flexifit once, and suffered through 2 months of headaches and red lines across my forehead before the innner band stretched to the point of breaking. Then it was OK. All those brains.

Nice report Mark.

On a related note....I did a google search for mesh back hats to put up here.....after about 10 tries, I typed in "1983 mesh back hat".......this was on the first page. Great avatar for whomever wants to use it:


Edit again....fucking MAIDEN!

Did Eddie come out on stage????

I have their box set.

The golden goose is on the loose, they're never out of season!

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