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By markl

Fantastic report and a sweet pic. I grew up in the foothills of Southern Alberta (sadly, live out East now) and still fish there at least once a year. This picture just reminds me of that country. I love those big skies! BTW, the waters I fish there yield some big fish but much smaller crowds. In fact, most days I see more bear and deer than people.
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By Fuzz
Bear River Boomer wrote:What?! Please tell me you fished the park on your way to Bozeman
the first river in the park we were going to fish, we had counted 20+people, and then saw a vanload of boy scouts unloading and rigging up, so we headed across to another well known stream (creek?) and found only two other people. There are waaaay to many people who fish the park during the summer. but it is sweet looking water!
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By BearsFan
Of my college visits I only fished at Northern Michigan University. They have a great little salmon stream about a 5 minute ride from campus that happened to be full of steel the days we were there. I didn't even go to the coast when I visited Florida State. Probably better that I didn't really get into tarpon fishing until after I graduated.

Looks like a great trip. I dig you boo setup.
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