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So to save my wife the hassle of trying to round peeps up to "surprise me" for my 50th b-day party, I'm throwing it up here as a thread (Yeah, Costa Rica will have to wait another year).
...Looks like it will be the 14th -16th of September. Gifts are not necessary.
Bring a tent, you can fish for anything from brookies to muskie within 5-20 minutes of the house, and smallies outside your tent.

I'll give more details as they become available.
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I'm there!
My brothers birthday is the 14th, and I believe he is having a party thingy as well..I will see what I can do..Should be able to make it on Saturday if nothing else..
shunned wrote:you promised ak, you old bastard.

Didn't promise AK, said it might be do-able...
Cash flow just isn't there right now and make it through winter, too (seasonal lay-off).

If anybody coming can only make it for a day, I would say Saturday is when she'll surprise me with the "over the hill" cake w/ the black candles. Not that it matters, the fishing will still be everywhere.
I'll get a porta- head if enough are gonna show to warrant.
...and maybe a keg.

Hell, just like the bakes, if you can get more time off, you're welcome to camp here earlier or later.

(BTW, I'm just trying to save her some legwork, not plan my own party).
Socks wrote:I'm down for sure, may be car pull up steel? nc guy?
depends on when i get outta the football game. unless ya want to come to the game. youll have to drive ill still be drunk from tailgate
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