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woolly bugger wrote:[report]Image


what's a party without a cake![/report]

All kids love a bonfire :wink
I've been basking in aloe since last night.
Damn that thing was hot, I think it burned some leaves in the willow 20 feet away.
The beer bottle candles were a nice touch.

Thanks for coming out to those that did, glad the weather held and fish were caught.
That store bought shine just isn't quite the same.
Everybody actually was in bed before 4AM (midnight) last night.


Texas Coast misses you and it would be best to get burned by its sun vs an ass load of candles ignited by a blow torch!

Happy bday you old man. I can think of a time or two where I thought it was over and none of the adventures that day were going to live. Glad we did.

Pic is fantastic of you and the cake!
I went to the birthday bash. My first wade fishing since the knee replacement surgery in June. The new joint performed well in the easy-to-wade water at TX's river manor. I caught a bunch of cookie-cutter smallies, 8"-14". The cake was awesome. I saw Kyle. I met some new folks. TX's family is beautiful. We ate well. Me and Woolly had a fun ride up and back. Papa Franzen's son John rocked the red catfish hat with righteous pride. We ate good.Scott and his brother (Golden) told some great salty stories of fishing the Texas Gulf.

WB took some pictures of a few of his smallies. I didn't take any pictures of mine. But mine looked like his, so look at his pics. Mine looked like that.

And finally......."How much rattlesnake do you have on YOUR rod?"

We had fun. TXfly turned 50 without any flashing blue lights or an ambulance. Success!

Thanks y'all.
Yer Pal,
Flies were tied
New songs tried
Gitars picked
Man cave tricked
Friends met
Fires set
Food ate
No tollgate
Party hats worn
Cakes adorned
ZZZZZ's caught
Smallies naught
Blue lines climbed
Brookies lined
Butterflies are ghey
TX may be old
But his family is gold[/report]
I caught fish,made fly ties,picked guitar, stole a drift bote. Good times. Thanks for everything TX and Happy Birthday!
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