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Nice work. Big carpaccio. No brewskis?
Like the pie squared. too funny.
Some cheap christmas gifts for those that don't know I can't tie worth a shit
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The dog
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Some bourbon
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Local brew in a local stream
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I thought Thalweg might appreciate this one. Local skate park. The treeline behind is our "white ribbon" trout stream. Saw a kid two weeks ago riding his board to the park toting a 5wt!
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SnuffBox wrote:Well, it's about time you showed up. Welcome to the fray, Homie.

Good fish, too. I hadn't seen half those.
If you're ok by Snuff, then all is well. Welcome! :cool
Was gonna give it a solid A but tossing in a skatepark even though a prefab piece of shit bumps to A+, I schralp concrete myself but more bowls these days.
Welcome friend, nice spread.

A newbie who realizes there's more to life, and fly fishing, then fucking trout!

I can dig it...
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