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By The_Fuk
Are you two the second and third side of Beetle?

If not post intros or GET THE FUCK OUT

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I hate to admit it, but this video is so bad, that it is kind of entertaining.....I think he had 30 false casts to get across a 20 foot wide creek, and didn't make it. He then picked the line up, cast another 5 times, and made the extra foot and a half.

I set the rock.......gee whiz.

"I'm a two handed kind of caster, even though it's a one a handed fly know what I'm saying"
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By fatman
RFA wrote:I think he had 30 false casts to get across a 20 foot wide creek, and didn't make it.
Is that what was goin' on? I thought he was pullin' his pud..... :coffee
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By fallen513
Obviously filmed with the early version of the GoSchmo.

Kind of feel bad for the guy after you realize it's not schtick. It's full on mental retardation.
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Word is, LenH1 is even shaking his head at that video.
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By Yard Sale
Of all the fishing videos I've ever seen, this is the first I want to watch again.
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By Aguirre
Dumb fucker could've dapped the fly at that range.
But well, he's a two handed caster so, you know.
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By woolly bugger
why would he even post that video??
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By Sakonnet
Dude, I think you should take up Tenkara. 5:1 he's a Mets fan.
By Native Chaser
i for one enjoyed the video. sure, its dumb as fuk. (tip to beetle, walk one foot upstream instead of taking a line management break), but the emotional was real and it fully encompassed one of the often overlooked aspects of fly fishing [joyous frustration]
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