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By nymph-o
Hello all, I know you all could give two flying ducks about "newbs" but just throwing myself out there to say that I am new to The Drake Forum, and also pretty new to Fly Fishing. I am currently living, and working in Seoul, South Korea. and was wondering if any one knew anything about fishing around here. and or a little farther up north in the hills. "not to far though"
Thanks for taking the time to check my post out.
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By fallen513
If it weren't for Pat, fly fishing wouldn't exist in Seoul, Korea. He's your man.
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By tb3.
Living in Seoul, South Korea, this had the potential to be a fucking stellar intro. Crazy salmonids and fish I've never seen, glorious renditions of pie, dead shit I'd be hard-pressed to identify, and of course- the whole Korean skanky schoolgirl thing.

And you probably could've learned something, too.

But don't give "two flying ducks (tip: we can use the fuck word here) about 'newbs'." You, sir, have squandered ann incredible opportunity.

Kindly fuck off.
By nymph-o
Wish I could tell you a bit more about the whole Skanky Schoolgirl thing... but being Married and working 80% of my time over here, does not give me the chance to go out searching for Skany Schoolgirl's. thats also why I cut right to the point about Fishing.. Fishing > Skany Schoolgirl's...
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By Tailer
nymph-o wrote:Fishing > Skany Schoolgirl's...
I have a feeling you won't fit in too well here.
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By Long Haired Dave
delete your account.

come back whey you're not a douche.

go to and ask about fishing in korea.
By nymph-o
Long Haired Dave wrote:delete your account.

come back whey you're not a douche.

go to and ask about fishing in korea.
So... I went to, and did everything you told me to. Besides the whole delete my account thing.
And it told me to ask Pat.
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By shunned
ask pat this... (you can use this as your template)

hey mate,

I was just wondering... even though I live in this country and there's a great chance that no one here at the drake has ever been... do you know anything about fishing here?
you know, it was either ask you, do some research myself or use this lame attempt to get some attention on an american fly fishing site.

thank you in advance,

Damn, I'm so uncool, I didn't even get banned.

Continue Sir, this is all good🤜🤜

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