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By jerome
While not my first choice, One of my bosses gave me the rod as a gift of appreciation for a season of good work guiding for him, or at least thats what he said.

Just curious any one else have one of these rods or any experience with them? Just need to figure out which type of line best suits my fishing and would like to just have a single floating line for now, i have used skagit systems on spey rods and dont really need anything like that for streamers and nymphing on large streams, wont be using sink tips and would like to avoid the systems. I want to be able to spey and roll cast, overhand is useless for me if Im using this rod.

Poppy at the red shed advises at least 420 grain line, just deciding between Rio's basic spey line, something with a built in skagit or scandi head is where Im having problems. Even do my steelhead fishing with a floating line and flourocarbon leader. If I need to Ill use a rio poly sink tip.

So i guess I am say I want to keep it simple and figure out which line casts easiest on this rod.

Thanks for the help and suggestions.... :cool
Start by putting the line through the largest guide (circle thingy) that is closest to the reel (line holder thingy) then work your way to the tip (that's what she said).
SA- Mastery Textured Nympy/Indicator
airflo - speydicator
Rio- switch line
One of the 31' Rio Steelhead Scandis. Dunno what weight you need, just buy the closest to the rod recs. These are the better Rio Scandis for turning over Polyleaders, the AFS scandis need a few feet cut back until you get into the 8/9 range and above (which is more than youd be using on a switch) as the front taper is lighter than the butt of the polyleaders so you lose power -- makes for shitty loops and piles of line.

Or buy an Airflo. The Airflo lines have always been better, but theyve changed up their line ranges in the past couple years and I dont know whats what any longer.
Yeah, the Airflo lines are all weird now. I need a new Scandi Line, as well, as I left my old Airflo full scandi (the 40 or 41' version) on a real that I left in some hippy's car. The short ones ok, I treid them, butt they are so much shorter. That 6' really makes a difference, its like 2 extra strips before casting. Dont look like Airflo offers the long ones any longer. I might have to try one of the Guideline lines.

[blank stare]
heero- tactical steelhead. leave the tip on if you want long and reasonable powerful. remove the float tip and chuck junk.

Jerome- nymphy- what RC siad. speydicator is nice just won't fit on any reel appropriate for switches.

spey- that scandi short heero mentions or a rage from airflo are the hot lines this week. next week, who knows.
Or you could just go with the Orvis switch line that was designed to cast on it........cough, cough
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By jerome
unskunkable wrote:Or you could just go with the Orvis switch line that was designed to cast on it........cough, cough
:cool If it were only that simple.

This was my first conclusion until I started reading what Poppy had to say about lining up these rods and how the 8wt line in that series is perfect for the 7wt and the 7wt line is about 100 grains to light.

The Orvis lines just dont sound like they will do what I need them to do and I have experience with skagit setups and spey rods.

Ive got one of the old Orvis MA 4 for it. Has plenty of line capacity and fits,balances it great.

Just wondering what the simplest, most cost efficient line is.... Not into the fads and such, and can't throw a lot of money at lines especially seeing how little ill get to use this rod.

I just know I need at least 420-450 grains to do what Im going to be doing with this rod.

If that makes any sense. These switch rods and all the varying opinions and technical jargon are new to me.

Thanks guys. :cool
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By jerome
The Rio switch looks good....

But the 6/7 is 500 grains and the 7/8 550 grains.

Should I just order a 6/7?

Or the Orvis 420 grain switch line for the 8 wt.


I can get both on sale right now. Thanks for the suggestions.

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