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By blue ridge angler
bullship wrote:fuck. I need a day off.

x2. :coffee
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By mrl0004
Nice report Kyle. They had lockjaw here.
By Kylemc
D-nymph wrote:Who knew Kyle was such a softie?
It's my old age.
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By The_Fuk
I sense a new Kyle coming forth; from him giving a girl one of his fishing shirts and now a trip report that smacks you in the face in a good way.


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By Streamer
Kyle.....That looks like a souvenir shop key chain hangin' form that feeshe's mouf. Good onya for gettin' out. Thanks fer sharin'.

Yer Pal,
By Kylemc
stonedfly wrote:I think i'm a gonna cry.
Don't get too choked up. I think your a dick but that's why I fish with you.

Joe...No bombs on this trip and Stonedfly may or may not have shit on the island.
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