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Good shit better way to escape reality for awhile than getting out on the water with some friends. :cool
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By vaku
Hi Kyle!
that stoned fly, he's all right.
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By Bobwhite
Good stuff, Kyle.

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By west_jay
Take some time out for yourself.
You're a good Dad!!

And that goes for you too, Kyle! :cool
By Kylemc
Vito wrote:Kyle is one of my favorite drakians.
Right back at ya. Send me some fly ties? Introduce me to your brother? hahahaha
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By Mike Honcho
Kylemc wrote:
That being said, the only time I feel without worry of financial, social, or any other burdens, is on the water. The shitty part is loading the boat and driving straight back to reality.
This reminds me of something...
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By Redchaser

I feel you brother, time on the water is about the only time I can really forget about work and "her". Water is healing.
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By slapshot
Man those were some nice smallies. Well done
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