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By flyfisheraa573
My grandfather served in a MASH unit in the Phillipines. He was there for the 2nd bombing of Manilla and he also helped take care of some of the young men that came back from Bataan. Never would talk about it.

My Uncle (grandmother's brother, and mine and my fathers name sake) was killed in conflict in Korea. He was a Lt and was awarded two Silver Stars.

I think about them often, and I'm thankful for men and women like them that lay their lives on the line daily for our country(ies).

God bless the active, the ones that have served, and the ones that have gone on before.
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By Bobwhite
A great bump... and, an even better post.

Thanks, Shawn.
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By cantfishforshit.
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By brownsville
My grandfather was an NCO marksman/instructor during WW1 and awarded the military cross, among other medals. He was one of two, out of fourteen who volunteered at the same time, to return from the trenches.

I am named after his only son who was shot down over the channel during WW2.

Another uncle was the pilot of the first bomber to land in the liberation of Denmark, [being mistaken for top brass he was offered the keys to Copenhagen].

Impossible to forget.

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By Redchaser
This relates, and I'm anxious to see it

"Mending the Line is the extraordinary story of Frank Moore, a 90-year old WWII veteran and fly-fishing legend, returning to Normandy to fish the rivers he saw as a soldier. The feature film will release in Spring of 2014 and a tour cut will travel with the International Fly Fishing Film Festival "(IF4)

Thanks to all who served. Happy veteran's day.
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By austrotard
I remembered something about my grandfather today; later on in his life... I might have been sixteen/seventeen...

he told me of his dislike of people wearing the poppy on their hat or elsewhere (mine was on the collar of my bomber jacket).
he told me it was to be worn on the heart.
he told me you only wore it on the day.
he told me he would remove his poppy after lunch.
he told me that he wore the same poppy for years.
he told me it had been so long he'd forgotten where he'd picked it up.

he told me a lot of things... but never told me what I wanted to hear on this day.

now that I'm older and wiser I'd wish to thank him for sparing me those stories... and yet more so, sparing me the chance to relive that life.
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Thanks to all who have served...reading some of these posts reminds me of my late grandfather , who served on a destroyer in the Marshall Islands. I learned more from that man , and not just about fishing/hunting but life in general , than I could have ever gotten anywhere else. We should take the time to appreciate the few good men and women that are still left from that era , they just don't make em like that anymore... :cool
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