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By Transylwader
Gewd Gawd, thats insane. Same goes for the All Blacks who whooped the Scots all kindsa ways to Sunday :wink
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Why don't you just post all your shots from this season in this thread and us losers will keep it at the top for easy location. Have you caught a hobit yet? :coffee
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RT wrote:Why don't you just post all your shots from this season in this thread and us losers will keep it at the top for easy location. Have you caught a hobit yet? :coffee

Losers is a bit strong, but hey, that's not a bad idea. I guess it would be kinda cool to see the season unfold.

Thanks for the good words guys, and Tail, drop me a pm if yer serious about visiting NZ.

More to come in a few minutes.... :cool
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My mate handed the kids off to school duty to his mrs, and we went on a bit of a roadtrip yesterday to some more early season backcountry goodness. I limit myself to one visit to this stream a season and certainly don't guide there,as its small and a pretty fragile fishery.
Casts aren't long, but the scrub will get the best of an errant cast and the fish go bonkers once hooked. We had fish running upstream and around corners quicker than we could run and with a bit of teamwork, kept them from busting off under the banks. Some of the better looking browns I've come across as well.
I'll be posting my TR's on this thread for the season....hope you enjoy. :cool
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By jdub
VTNZ wrote: then afterwards me and a mate of mine went to an early season stream to see who had moved in over the winter.
So this is where Romney has gotten to!
Thanks for the trip. Gotta visit those streams one day. :cool
By thalweg
Not used to seeing palm trees and beautiful browns in the same report. That is cool. :cool
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LuckyBastard wrote:You should take my name.

Need to go back over ASAP, and do the South Island again..

Keep it up mate. :cool

You know where to find me mate... :cool
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By Spicytuna
You sir have some of the finest scenery and fish teh suk has ever seen you bastard keep that shit up. The coloration of those fish is insane, is it just me or do they seem to taper more off the back to the snout down there??? They seem a little more streamline than most Browns I have seen from up here. And no I am not medicated
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