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By Cary
fuck. I'm shit-canning my cameras today, if I can find them.

pretty awesomtastic...
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By LuckyBastard
Found myself scrolling up and down a few times through those pics Eph.
Brilliant, as always :cool
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By MTgrayling
Shit, you even made ducks (sky rats) look good. Impressive ninja photos skills there.
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Top Shelf man...Not only can you put together one hell of a trip , but you always document them with some of the most amazing photography. :cool
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By Lando
That forkie sniffing tail cracks me up. He thinks he will be getting some, but you know a big boy will be wondering in right at prime time.
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By Bruiser
EJ, that fish eating the single midge is the shit! I know the exact bug I'd show that guy!

Sorry that I was a week early but when you get to go, you gotta go. Amazing photos :cool
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By Bobwhite
Great stuff, there, EJ.

Thanks for that.
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