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By wildman
Go to retake
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By foureyedgeek

That's the sound of me scoffing.
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By shunned
oooo... wouldn't want to mess with this one.

just out of interest... how many times have you ratted your mates out to the police?
you know, being a biker and all...

oh. and another thing.
do you walk around carrying a big yellow sign with a black arrow on it pointing at you?

I think you'll find you do.

el dangerouso. oooo.
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By wildman
Yep according to your location u get your love n on the week end
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By Hogleg
Be careful fellas. I'm pretty sure this Wildman is a bonafide internet tough guy.
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By shunned
his head looks like a bowl you'd put sweeties in.

I drink my own piss.
here's a picture of me stuck in a lift.
I'm fucking hard. suck it.
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By Hogleg

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By shunned
and we like you, merlin.

you must have multiple photos of your bitch with her tits out.
I'll thank you in advance to keep those sort of things to yourself.

do you do toy runs?
I want a new bicycle... and some meth.
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By fatman
wildman wrote: Don't care
pretty fuckin' obvious :coffee
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By shunned
if you two had a baby it would look like salmo.


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