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By Wholetmygoatsout
root wad wrote: the Trembling Penis ?
Now that was funny :coffee
By wncpermit1
NIce pics Kyle,
ready for some cocktails while running some class threes in a hardboat again.
Houston's got some good shit streams full of large mouth downtown... have fun
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Theonetrout wrote: Did I mention I am a chronic masturbater?
Dood...No reason to state the obvious...

Since everyone seems to be in on the joke and you don't get it, let me help you here...There's an unwriiten protocol for newbies and until you fulfill the requirements, everyone will either teabag you when you're sleeping or completely ignore you...I'm not a fan of the so called "Newb Requirements" so I'll let you in on what they expect...

You're supposed to show that you have a sense of humor and can hang with the crowd of wiseasses that call themselves members of this asylum...So when you do your intro post you're supposed to have a photo essay that includes: (1) a photo of yourself wearing espadrils, fuck-me pumps or some other girlie-type shoes (you can take the picture in a shoe store); (2) Nekid photos of your significant other taken with a cell phone; (C) A picture of poop (It can be any kind of poop, animal, fish, whatever, and try to be creative here); (4) A photo of you making fun of either (A) a homeless person; (B) A nun; (C) anyone from Idaho or (D) the way a negro dances...

It's pretty much a pain in the ass, but once you do it, everyone will leave you alone...Just gather the goods and post them here...You can do it one at a time (I suggest the neekid photos first, as that will get most of these smendricks off your back, at least for a little while)...
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By Crick Addict
wncpermit1 wrote:
Gelcoat removal? Hey...wait a minute, is that Kyle hotdogging in TXs' drifter?
By Kylemc
WNC nailed it. You would think that if was someone else's boat you wouldn't give a fuck but I am the opposite. Who knew huh?
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By P-A
Theonetrout wrote:
Crick Addict wrote:
Theonetrout wrote:Crick addict,
Favorite 5 is 8'6" sage zxl no contest
Mostly wade fish, unless after muskie
I literally sent out an order for my first two Scott rods about a week ago. T3h 4wt switch and an 6'6" f2 3wt (I've heard good things about both) their g2 series is supposedly EPIC!


Since you did not address the color of the backing; I'm guessing it really does not matter.
Am I correct in this assumption...?
Personal preference. Very rare that I get into my backing. I use orange and yellow.
You cant be for real man??
:sucks :sucks
By steelhound
[quote="Yard Sale"]If your going to say a member here told you to join then you gotta say who.

Judging by how their buddy wilddouche jumped in, I'm guessing this is another franzen/socks buddy.[/quote]

unknown to me this dude is my buddy. i didn't inform him to lurk around and get a lay of the land, but he is solid and contribute some good content besides "why we fish". i know my endorcement doesn't mean shit but there it is. sorry for hi jacking your intro kyle, but here is a sample of the newb today.


we went out looking to torment some stockers.



this one kept me from a skunkin'





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By Tailer
steelhound wrote:Image
Is that a measuring tape on your fly rod? Why's it so short?
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By BearsFan
Kyle, welcome! The last few pages of this thing have been absolutely hilarious!

Good save dude!
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